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Who we are

We’re passionate recruitment professionals who understand the recruitment challenges faced in the startup world. We are also heavily invested in the developer experience having seen first hand the effects of developer burnout. We want to empower development teams by supporting the innovators and builders who are bringing the developer tools (devtools) of the future to market to fix productivity issues in the software development lifecycle.

Founder: Louise Oglivy

”Companies that invest in a better software developer experience understand the importance of talent attraction and retention. From idea generation to code production, the process of software development is a captivating creative journey – yet all too often potential roadblocks impede its progress.

Our clients are tackling many of these challenges faced by software developers on a daily basis through the creation of powerful developer tools and platforms and by focusing on developer productivity engineering.

Develocity combines over 20 years recruitment experience with our knowledge and expertise in this emerging trend. It’s important to us to partner with companies who are looking to make a difference to the environments in which developers work to avoid burn-out”.

The SPACE of Developer Productivity and Develocity

The SPACE framework (developed by GitHub, University of Victoria and Microsoft) encompasses the most important dimensions of developer productivity and is key to understanding, measuring and predicting it. At Develocity, our company values align with the SPACE framework and govern how we interact with our client and candidate partners.


These are OUR values.


Satisfaction and well-being: We look to form partnerships with both employers and jobseekers and encourage feedback to ensure we’re delivering at each step of the hiring process. We take our clients’ satisfaction and well-being seriously.


Performance: We believe that performance is an essential part of success. We strive to always be at the top of our game and work hard to make sure that every task is completed with excellence and on time.


Activity: We believe that actively engaging with our customers and candidates is of the utmost importance. We strive to create a culture of collaboration and open dialogue in order to foster an environment of growth and mutual respect for all.


Communication and collaboration: We are honest, open and transparent. Collaboration and communication with our customers is at the core of who we are – it’s part of what drives us every day towards delivering exceptional customer service experiences for everyone involved.


Efficiency and flow: We use tools to assist the process and ensure we provide an efficient service that removes blockers to hiring and delivers results!

Technology recruitment at it’s best

We help companies unlock the power of technology by connecting them with professionals who specialise in designing, building, and iterating developer tools to increase productivity and developer velocity