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Solutions Architect AI – 1796821

Solutions Architect AI – 1796821

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AI Solutions Architect

Onsite 3 days in San Mateo

Early stage startup

Base around $170k

We are excited to be working with a well funded startup at the forefront of the AI technological revolution as they give innovative companies powerful new capabilities to deliver positive impact to society. As AI becomes increasingly prevalent, the challenges we see today will appear minimal in comparison to future challenges.

Enterprises will need powerful platforms to build enduring value with AI and manage the inherent complexities. We are hiring the foundational members of the team at a

well-capitalized, VC-backed stealth startup founded by repeat entrepreneurs to build the platform of record for AI.

The platform focuses on enterprise AI workflows and applications — the backbone for building copilots. Building on a durable open-source foundation, including AI models, specialized databases, data processing, and developer tools. The focus is on making these components highly performant, scalable, and easy to integrate into secure cloud and on-prem environments. The backend of the platform provides low-cost GPU provisioning from a variety of providers while keeping the AI services securely anchored inside of customer’s preferred cloud environment.

The result? An end-to-end platform that stands out by offering a unique combination of flexibility, cost efficiency, and sustainability without compromising the well-established security infrastructure.

We are hiring a team that is entrepreneurial, with a desire to have direct impact on the first growth phase of the company, and are fearless of venturing into uncharted waters. Ideal employees are driven by technical innovation, creative new business models and making a lasting impact to society. Embark on this journey and be part of a team with startup energy and culture driving to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible.

The role:

We are hiring AI Solutions Architects to form the pivotal bridge between the cutting-edge AI platform and the diverse needs of the clientele. You’ll lead the charge in developing bespoke workflows, products, and solutions that exceed customers’ objectives, ensuring they can effortlessly stay at the forefront of technology. This role is your opportunity to leave a significant mark on the technology’s direction and the platform’s evolution.


  • Innovate and implement bespoke AI products, solutions, and workflows, ensuring they’re perfectly aligned with customers’ unique goals and seamlessly integrated with the technology.
  • Foster close collaboration with both product development teams and customers, translating complex technical requirements into scalable, efficient solutions that propel the platform and customers’ objectives forward.
  • Oversee the entire lifecycle of AI applications, from data management and preprocessing to model development, training, evaluation, and iteration, delivering robust, high-performance AI solutions.
  • Continuously track and incorporate the latest AI and generative model advancements, applying creative problem-solving to keep both our platform and our customers at the cutting edge.


  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in AI development, data science, or a Ph.D. in a related field. A track record of deploying data science and AI models into production environments is a major plus.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in data management and preprocessing, with a keen understanding of techniques such as data augmentation, normalization, and transformation. Practical experience with AI-focused data tools such as Retriever-Augmented Generation (RAG) and vector databases is a major plus.
  • Expertise in AI and data science model development and lifecycle management, with a focus on refining and ensuring the performance and relevance of models over time.
  • A customer-centric mindset, complemented by strong communication skills, capable of transforming technical insights into high-quality, customer-loved software solutions.
  • The agility to keep pace with the latest technological advances and methodologies in AI, embodying a proactive, forward-thinking approach to development and problem-solving.

What You Bring to the Table

We are looking for people who are eager to learn and master the ability to use the AI platform to solve the deepest enterprise pain points and deliver enduring value to customers. We want people who are customer-centric and can be a strong voice of the customer to the product development process, including key metrics and new features. If you’re ready to make an outsized impact on technology and help customers leapfrog to the cutting edge, we want to hear from you.

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Job Overview
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Offered Salary
£140000k/year - 180000k/year
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San Francisco, CA
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