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The programming world is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). At Develocity, we’re closely monitoring this shift. A recent study forecasts a remarkable increase in global GDP by $1.5 trillion by 2030, attributed to AI’s influence in software development. This growth isn’t just a numerical value; it signifies a fundamental change in the approach to software creation and its widespread economic impact.

GitHub Copilot: Pioneering AI in Code Generation

GitHub Copilot undoubtedly exemplifies the power of AI in programming. Its adoption by over a million developers and thousands of organizations marks a milestone in AI-driven productivity. The tool has generated three billion lines of code, and its first-year suggestion acceptance rate of nearly 30% underlines its efficiency and growing relevance. Copilot’s success story sets a benchmark for how AI tools can revolutionize software development practices.

The Rising Stars: Top Developer Tools of 2023 from StartupsAI DevTools' Impact, Rising Stars & New Regulatory Challenges

Based on information gathered over the past year, here are some of the most prominent developer tool startups we’ve been keeping our eye on (with link to company pages):-

  1. Appwrite – an open-source platform for building applications at any scale, using your preferred programming languages and tools.
  2. Aviatorautomates tedious workflows for developers. No more broken builds, long code-reviews, cumbersome merge processes and flaky tests!
  3. Cast.AI – specializes in cloud optimization, providing tools for cost reduction, performance enhancement, and simplified cloud management.
  4. Chainguard – Focuses on software supply chain security, offering solutions to ensure the integrity and security of software components.
  5. EchoLayer – Map and synchronize ownership and responsibility across your entire engineering stack. Maintain compliance by applying and maintaining rules on your engineering components.
  6. ConveyorConveyor is the leading generative AI-powered platform that automates and scales the most tedious part of the sales process: customer security reviews. 
  7. – A platform that connects open-source software developers, fostering community engagement and collaborative development.
  8. Cortex – Provides an internal developer portal for managing microservices, helping teams understand and operate their microservices architecture efficiently.
  9. – A LowOps platform designed to simplify the management of containerized applications across multiple cloud environments.
  10. Dagger – a tool that lets you replace your software project’s artisanal scripts with a modern API and cross-language scripting engine.
  11. Decodable – Offers real-time data streaming services, enabling businesses to process and analyze data in real time for quicker decision-making.
  12. Edgeless Systems – Focuses on creating secure systems and applications, leveraging cutting-edge technologies for enhanced data security.
  13. Giskard AI – An open-source Python library for automatically detecting hidden vulnerabilities in ML and LLMs, tackling issues from robustness to ethical biases.
  14. Grafbase – A serverless database platform optimized for building modern applications, particularly those requiring real-time data and GraphQL.
  15. – Detects dozens of common sources of technical debt and lets you fix them with an automated pull request in a single click.
  16. Humanloop – Specializes in machine learning, offering tools that make it easier to train, deploy, and monitor AI models.
  17. Lightrun – Provides a real-time debugging and observability platform for live applications, enhancing the ability to diagnose and fix issues on the fly.
  18. Raftt – A unique platform that moves your runtime dev env to the cloud and lets you code, test, and debug using your existing local tools.
  19. SuperDuperDB – Bring AI to your database; integrate, train and manage any AI models and APIs directly with your database and your data.
  20. Unleash – A feature management platform, enabling teams to implement feature toggles, A/B testing, and controlled rollouts.

These companies offer a variety of developer tools, ranging from AI and machine learning platforms, cloud services, code automation and testing tools, to data management and security solutions. Each of these tools can streamline different aspects of the development process, from writing and testing code to deploying and managing applications, thus boosting developer productivity.

The Brussels AI Policy: A New Regulatory Challenge

The recent AI policy developments in Brussels represent a significant turn in the regulatory landscape. These policies aim to establish ethical and safety standards in AI development. The AI Act aims to create a “unique legal framework for the development of AI you can trust,” focusing on the safety and fundamental rights of people and businesses. The exact details of these regulations are still to be fully disclosed, but they are expected to have significant implications for companies using AI in Europe​​.

While intended to safeguard against risks and misuse, these regulations could also pose challenges for startups, potentially slowing down innovation and adaptability. Balancing regulatory compliance with technological advancement will be key for startups navigating this new environment.

Develocity’s Strategic Role in this Evolving Landscape

As a specialized recruitment agency in DevTools startups, we take our role very importantly. Our mission extends beyond connecting talent with startups; it involves guiding these partnerships through the complexities of technological advancements and regulatory frameworks. We help startups find not only technically skilled professionals but also those who can navigate and adapt to evolving policies like the Brussels AI regulations.


The integration of AI in programming, coupled with the emergence of innovative developer tools in 2023, is reshaping the software development landscape. With the new regulatory backdrop set by the Brussels AI policy, startups now face the dual challenge of harnessing AI’s potential while adhering to evolving standards. At Develocity, we are committed to facilitating this journey, ensuring that the startups we work with are well-equipped to navigate these exciting yet complex times in software development.