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If you are a job-seeker in any industry, having a strong online presence is crucial.  Your LinkedIn profile serves as a digital representation of your professional identity, making it essential to optimize it effectively.  Over the past few weeks I have attended multiple events in the UK and in San Francisco and one of the top concerns amongst job-seekers in a competitive market is ‘how do I make sure I’m found by hiring managers and how do I stand out from other candidates online?’

Whether you’re actively seeking new opportunities or simply looking to enhance your online persona, I go through some key strategies to leverage your LinkedIn profile for maximum impact.

You can watch the video above and/or read the guide below for this quick overview.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any comments or questions on this topic.  My details are at the end of the article.

1. Banner – The Visual Hook

Your LinkedIn banner is the first thing people notice when they visit your profile.  Instead of the standard generic image, consider using a banner that reflects your professional identity.  This could be an image related to your field or a visual representation of what you do.  For instance, if you’re involved in speeding up software development, an image conveying innovation and agility would be ideal.  The idea is that anyone who lands on your page can glean information about you as soon as they see it – so make sure you use this feature.

2. Title – Tell Your Story

Your LinkedIn headline doesn’t have to be just your job title.  Use it as an opportunity to convey your value proposition.  Craft a headline that showcases how you contribute to your industry.  For example, instead of “Software Engineer,” you could say, “I help companies shift software faster” or “I help startups design and take their product to market.”

This not only defines your role but also communicates your impact.

3. Photo – A Picture Speaks Volumes

Your profile picture should exude professionalism.  Opt for a high-quality, well-lit photograph in business attire.  A professional photo creates an immediate positive impression and demonstrates your commitment to your career and the way you want to perceived.

4. About – Your Elevator Pitch

The “About” section is your chance to make a compelling case for yourself.  Clearly state who you are, what you do, and what value you bring to the table.  Quantify your achievements with facts and figures so your future employers can see clearly how they will benefit from your joining their team.

Also, ensure you incorporate relevant keywords, such as programming languages, specific skills or experiences, to improve your discoverability by hiring teams and recruiters.

5. Featured – Highlight Your Best Work

The “Featured” section allows you to showcase your top posts and achievements.  Make the most of this feature by sharing content that highlights your expertise and industry insights.  This not only positions you as a thought leader but also keeps your profile dynamic and engaging.  It is really easy to do:-

  • In the top right of the Featured box you will see a + sign
  • Choose what you want to add: post, news, article, link or media
  • Choose the element you want from the suggestions provided
  • And that’s it 🙂

6. Experience – Details Matter

When listing your current role and past experiences, go beyond job titles.   Don’t just write “Software Engineer at XX”, provide detailed descriptions of your responsibilities, accomplishments, and the skills you’ve employed.  Recruiters often use this section to gauge your suitability for roles, so boost your visibility and be specific and comprehensive in your explanations throughout your employment history.  It’s also a great place to show career progression.  This might seem like a daunting task, so at the very least, least make sure your achievements for your current role are listed.

7. Education – Highlight Your Credentials

Don’t neglect the education section.  Highlight relevant degrees, certifications, and courses that showcase your qualifications and expertise.  This can be especially important in the tech industry, where continuous learning is highly valued.

8. Skills – Showcase Your Proficiency

LinkedIn’s skills section is a valuable resource for recruiters, and is often how Recruiters search for suitable candidates for a role.  So ensure you list all relevant skills, including those not recognized by LinkedIn’s predefined categories.  If they aren’t on Linkedin’s approved list, MAKE SURE you add them to your “About” section to increase your visibility to potential employers.

9. Recommendations – Turn Praise into Credibility

Recommendations can be a powerful tool in enhancing your profile’s credibility.

Collecting recommendations from colleagues, supervisors, or clients is an excellent way to demonstrate your abilities and work ethic. However it can be a daunting prospect to reach out to people you may not have spoken to for awhile, so here are a couple of tips to add to your recommendations:-

  • Reach out to people you’ve had positive professional relationships with and request their recommendations.
  • Give a recommendation to someone and they will be more likely to give you one in return!

Turn these into testimonials by using a design platform (e.g. Canva) and post them on your profile.  Positive feedback from peers adds authenticity to your claims and a really great thing to use as content on your page!

10. Be Active – Engage, Contribute and Connect

Lastly, don’t forget to actively participate on LinkedIn.  Don’t forget Linkedin is in essence an online networking platform.  Comment on other people’s posts, regularly share insightful posts, share your insights and opinions on industry news, and send out connection requests with people in the wider network.  This not only keeps you visible but also positions you as an active and knowledgeable professional.


Remember, your LinkedIn profile is your digital business card in the tech industry.  By optimizing each section and crafting a compelling narrative, you can increase your chances of being discovered by hiring teams and ensure that you come across as a valuable asset in your field.  Invest the time to create a profile that truly reflects your professional prowess and watch as it opens doors to exciting career opportunities.  I hope this has been useful for you and if you have any comments or questions about how to enhance your profile and online presence if you’re a job-seeker, don’t hesitate to reach out to me here or email