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We are extremely excited to announce that we are sponsoring DevRelCon London 2023.

And to support this we have launched a competition to giveaway ONE FREE TICKET to this great event!  All it takes is 2 minutes and 2 easy steps.

  1. Follow Develocity ⬅️ on Linkedin
  2. Comment on the top post with some advice you would give to anyone working within Developer Relations or anyone considering a career in the DevRel space!

DevRelCon returns to London this September for two days of:

  • DevRel talks for all experience levels
  • Deep dive discussion sessions
  • Networking, career coaching, maybe some karaoke!

In the main track, they’ll be covering just about everything you need as an individual contributor, manager, or exec looking to level up your DevRel practice.

Ant this year there are two brand new tracks!

Speakers Include:

Head to the DevRelCon Website to contact them about sponsorship opportunities, to nominate the best in DevRel and to get your tickets (after entering our competition first of course 😉)