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We are in the era of information and sometimes reading yet another article (yes, I appreciate the irony as I write this) can get a little mundane.  As a result, podcasts have emerged as a fun way to keep abreast of the latest trends, insights, and conversations within different industries/communities.  Furthermore, you can even be doing stuff (dog walking, gentle bike ride or even cooking) whilst listening.  Two birds…one stone.

With over 5 million podcasts existing in the world today, there is no surprise that there are many blogs claiming to list ‘the best 10’ of the many genres out there.  The tech community is no stranger to a podcast, and for the purpose of this article we looked into the top 8 podcasts for those with an interest in DevTools and Open Source – this is our niche.

They each offer an easily accessible platform to learn from industry leaders, gain new perspectives, and explore the depths of software development and open-source innovation.  For tech enthusiasts, developers, and anyone with a keen interest in the world of DevTools and open-source software, finding the right podcast can be a game-changer.  Which of these are your favourite?

The Ultimate Podcast List for DevTool and Open Source Enthusiasts

We’ve compiled a list of what we believe are eight of the best podcasts out there for DevTool and open-source enthusiasts. Each podcast offers unique insights and brings something different to the table, ensuring that you have a diverse range of perspectives and topics to explore.

    • Scaling DevTools: This podcast is focused on the growth of developer tools, featuring interviews with people behind established and emerging DevTools. Hosted by Jack Bridger topics are wide and varied and make for a very insightful listen.  You can listen to it on their official website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.
    • The Craft of Open Source: Get an insider’s view of the human side of open-source creation with interviews from major figures in the open-source community. Hosted by Ben Rometsch, this bi-weekly podcast is focused on the ins-and-outs of the Open Source Software Community. Tune in on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
    • A must-listen for those interested in the intricacies of tools and the people behind them.  Hosts are Andrew Lisowski and Justin Bennett. “This podcast will explore the bleeding edge of modern developer tooling all up and down the stack”.  Intrigued? Check it out on their official website, Spotify and other places too.
    • The Changelog: Join the conversation about what’s new and interesting in open-source covering topics like developer culture, building startups, AI, brain science and the people behind it all.  Hosted by Adam Stackoviak and Jerod Santo. Listen on their website, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify.
    • Command Line Heroes: Hear the epic tales of developers, programmers, and open-source rebels from Red Hat. Find out where you can listen on their website.
    • Open Source Startup Podcast: Delve into the intersection of open-source software and business with in-depth interviews from the field.  Hosted by Robby (Cowboy VC) and Tim (Essence VC), this is one of our favourites! Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
    • The Business of Open Source: Emily Omier brings an entrepreneurial edge to open-source, talking with founders who build companies using it. Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.
    • Dev Interrupted: Discover the behind-the-scenes stories of the tech and gaming industries. Hosted by Dan Lines and Conor Bronsdon, and powered by LinearB, this is a great listen that covers a wide range of topics. Tune in here.

We hope these podcasts provide you with some insightful relief after a hard day’s work, or some great background chatter whilst you’re in the middle of that hard day’s work.

We’re always on the lookout for more amazing content so would love to know: what are your go-to podcasts in the realm of DevTools and open-source software?