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There has been a marked increase recently in roles being posted by tech companies looking to hire DevX engineers. It’s not a new concept, but more companies are coming to realise that software developers are looking to their future employers to understand “how” they are addressing bottlenecks in the SDLC.

I came across this article written in 2021 by Tal KimHi in which he looks to explain what is “Engineering Enablement”

In our line of work, we have found that many developers are now looking not just at WHAT they are building, but HOW they will be building.

They want to know that they will be given the right tools to do the job and that they are joining a business that really understands what challenges developers face and what steps will be taken to improve the environment.


See the link to the original article here:


What is Engineering Enablement. I’ve been asked a lot lately to explain… | by Tal KimHi | BigPanda Engineering | Medium